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Empowering Women for a Better Libya!

Libyan Women Forum (LWF) is a non-profit local civil society that works towards the empowerment of Libyan women through advocacy, capacity building and raising awareness of gender related issues. LWF was established in November 2011 after a diverse group of 21 women expressed a strong desire to effectively participate in the re-construction phase of the post-revolution Libya. LWF started to voice its views hoping to reflect the average Libyan woman’s views,

hopes and aspirations on national issues such as post conflict arms control. This led to our first activity; a civilian disarmament campaign that was carried out in December 2012. It was soon decided that it was high time to translate the common purpose into concrete actions in the form of practical projects that could be implemented to the benefit of women in Libya. This boiled down to one common aim - “Empowering Women for a Better Libya”.

Since then, LWF members have successfully and consistently dedicated themselves to implementing projects on both small and large scales, gaining wide recognition and much gratification along the way. To this date we are proud to have implemented over 22 projects in different localities. Continue reading about LWF Mission and vision by clicking the next button:
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Empower Libyan women to play an effective role and participate in the future development of the country, influence the decision making process and to reach executive positions in the social, economic and political sectors.

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Events and Activities

LWF has developed an assertive and comprehensive plan of action based on professional strategies to empower Libyan women from all regions to activly participate in the social, economic and political sectors.

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Press Release

LWF has published a number of official press releases during our activities to address a variety of issues, from announcing the initiation of some of our projects to openly protesting against government actions.

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LWF releases a periodical newsletter to keep everyone updated on our activities. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the page to receive any future publications.

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LWF programs

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LWF Internships

We are looking for young, energetic girls who are passionate about civil society and want to learn more about how local organisations implement projects to effect change in their communities, for more details click below.

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LWF Support Fund

LWF is constanty in need of extra funding for our activities, however unfortunately this is not always covered by the funding we obtain for our larger projects. If you are interested in donating to our organisation please click below.

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Women Leadership

Women Leadership Programs from LWF, To follow on from LWF’s success with the Center of Excellence project, all graduates from the course can now apply for further training under the new Women Leadership program. Contact us for more information.

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See Where We Are Active

Libyan Women Forum currently implements activities involving Libyan women in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. We place great importance in our efforts to constantly develop new and existing partnerships with other local NGOs concerned with gender related issues. LWF is also member of the AFAEMME network which connects us across the Mediterranean in addition to all our contacts and partners across the MENA region.

Upcoming Activities

After the successful completion of the local peace initiatives at the three regions in Libya we are currently preparing for part 4.4 of project phase 4.

This phase will include conducting three Ground Meetings one at each of the three regions. Read more..

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